Depression symptoms

everyone is a vulnerable disease. Do you know that 50% of suicides in world are caused by depression?
Investigations have revealed that one in every six sufferers suffers from suicide.

What is depression?

Something that we never expected to happen is that we feel overwhelmed and frustrated. But it is normal to recover after a few days or a long sleep.

But over time, such feelings of sadness can persist. Perhaps there is no reason for that. If that disturbance in the mind can interfere with daily activities, it can lead to depression. This is also called depression.


Not everyone who is depressed will have all of the following symptoms. But at least some of it can be. If the following symptoms persist for more than two weeks, you will need to seek medical attention.

❌Decreased desire to do something that was willful

The body is tired, but the body is tired.

Lack of determination to win something.

Lack of attention and inability to concentrate

Frequency and irritability in the mind.

Lust and body thinness

Insomnia or lack of sleep.

Rarely sleepy or sleepy.

Decreased or diminished sexual desire.

Lack of self-confidence, pessimism.

Avoiding social contact.

Thinking frequently.

Headaches, body aches, chest pains without any known physical cause.

Shocked by the slightest problem.

Alcohol and smoking addiction

Trying to commit suicide.

🚫These symptoms are present at one time of the day, often in the morning.

The cause of depression

Biochemical changes in brain cells, such as excessive workload, unexpected bankruptcy, and the sudden death of a loved one, can affect depression.

But there is also the possibility of suffering from this condition for no apparent reason. This is what is known as Endogenous Depression. Some mothers develop this condition after childbirth, known as post natal depression. There are also people with personality traits that are more likely to be depressed and therefore more susceptible to depression.

Who can suffer from depression?

From infant to adult, anyone can have depression. Young people, middle-aged men and adults are most vulnerable to this condition and young children under the age of 12 are at low risk for this condition. Women are more likely to develop the disease compared to men.

Modern medical treatments for depression

✅ Psychological Counseling

Discussing their problems with the sufferers is an effective treatment option. It has the ability to find solutions to the patient's problems and stabilize them mentally.

✅ Drug Therapy

The other treatment option is the use of plausible drugs. However, it does not cure the disease early. Initially, dizziness, fatigue, dryness, and constipation may occur. However, persistent treatment can help reduce the incidence of the disease.

✅ Electric shock treatment

The Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT), Shock Treatment is a treatment for people who are depressed. Well-controlled electrical currents are transmitted through certain areas of the patient's brain. When the scalp develops, the patient's body is struck, and this is an effective and safe treatment for those suffering from depression.

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