how to weight loss

how to weight loss 😊

Your body weight is a function of the amount of energy entering and exiting your body.

But this simple relationship can be complicated by a lack of understanding of food, a lack of motivation, and stress.

Wellness Roadmap offers a number of options to help you lose weight, maintain a healthy, balanced diet, control your cravings for food, and maintain the motivation you need for daily physical exercise.

The Wellness Roadmap program has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective, and can help you achieve great results in a very short time compared to other weight loss programs.

Natural Weight Shake's The Roadmap model ensures that you will achieve the results in as little as 3 to 6 months.

Three-way weight control system
Weight loss for 3 corner stones

01. Nutrition

Balanced Perfect Nutrition by Natural Balance Shake

02. activities

30 minutes of daily exercise, such as walking

03. Well Wellness Community

Weight loss is very important in a community that works towards the same goal

Daily Weight Loss Checklist

01.Drink a Natural Balance Shake 30 minutes before lunch.

02.Walk for at least 30 minutes a day. (Increase this frequency twice a day when you can.)

03.Engage in lifting, cycling, dancing, etc., 3 times a week or for 30 minutes.

04.Drink a glass of water before each meal.

05.Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on time.

06.Slow down when eating food. Avoid eating, watching TV, reading books or doing extra work.

07.If you feel satisfied that you are approximately 80% full when eating, leave the dining table.

08.rush your teeth after each major meal. This can suppress the desire for more food or desserts.

09.Get 8 hours of sleep at night.

10.Avoid all fried and deep fried foods. Avoid cookies, sweets, desserts, chips and similar savory and fried dishes, sauces, butter, fats, cheese, white bread, pasta, rice, fruit juices and other sweet and sweet drinks and sodas. stay.

11.Add food to steam or boil or grill or bake.

12.Avoid alcohol during this time.

13.If you have a craving for sugar, use a shake to get it.
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