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Do You Know You Are Pregnant?

Many mothers say they predicted this by early signs of pregnancy before testing the pregnancy. But you may be wondering if these assumptions are correct

But many women are unaware of the signs that they are expecting a baby.

Early Pregnancy Signs

01.Acne is starting to develop

Often during pregnancy, mothers' skin is very clear.

Bright, but hormonal changes during the initial period can cause facial acne.

It is best to take care of these pimples on the face as well as the chest area.

02.Bladder infections

Hormonal changes can cause urinary tract infections. But if this situation persists, you will have to think about it.


According to Dr. Serena Chen of the United States, many people say that a baby cannot conceive if it is a bleeding disorder. So these are not normal situations.

In these cases, doctors first suspect that she is pregnant.

Increased or mild bleeding may also be signs of pregnancy.

Given the nature of this bleeding, it can be said of the embryo growing in the womb.

04.Pregnancy Symptoms: Problems with Osteoarthritis

Changes in hormones also change your diet. This can cause constipation, bloating and constipation in the anus.

So if you have an abnormal condition, think about it.

05.Various pains can be symptoms of pregnancy

Pains with menstrual cramps are no stranger to you, but unexpected periods of time can cause pain in and around the urinary tract. It helps the body prepare for childbirth.

06.Pregnancy Symptoms: Overcoming Migraine

Hormonal changes can cause you to have headaches like never before.

If you are now free of migraine symptoms, it can also be attributed to pre-pregnancy symptoms

07.Vomiting and dizziness

For 4 to 6 months, women develop pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness. Sometimes it can last up to 9 - 13 weeks.

If you have symptoms such as anorexia, think about it.

Some women may develop a very serious condition, Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). Vomiting, loss of appetite, and weight gain can all lead to significant weight loss.

It is important to seek medical advice in case of dehydration, fatigue and other symptoms.

08.The need for frequent urination

If you need to urinate more than ever, you should think about it and take a pregnancy test.

It is caused by changes in hormones, increase in blood circulation and enlargement of the urinary system.

09.Changes in urine color

If your urinary tract is purple, you can check it by doing a self-check.

But don't worry about it, check your pregnancy.

10.A strange odor

Although this should not be a cause for concern, Dr. Amy Picklesima says that this is due to the fact that the body's perfumed gates are closed during pregnancy.
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